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North Gower United Church has been serving the village of North Gower and rural Ottawa community for 150 years.  It is the focal point for many activities; Sunday Worship Services and the exploration of Faith, social engagement, feeding our community, as well as local and international outreach activities.


The Church is here to welcome our congregation and visitors for some of the most important occasions in our lives – baptisms, weddings and funerals. The church is available to local community groups, and we host activities such as gatherings for seniors, meetings, concerts and fundraising events for non-profit groups.

Every year many people from our community and beyond pass through our doors.

We welcome everyone with open arms. Your donation can help us continue these traditions and help us help others.


Even if you can't join us on Sunday or for one of the many events we host and sponsor each year, you can still make a difference. 


Your donation no matter how small can help us help others. 

Click on the link below to make a regular or one-time deduction (you can also select how you wish your donation to be used)


You can also make a donation by doing an Interac e-Transfer by e-mail through on-line banking to


You can make a regularly scheduled donation to the church by PAD - pre-authorized debit. You can also select how you want your donation to be used.

Check back soon - we will post the PAD form for you to complete.


It takes many different skills and types of experience to run even a small rural church.  Some jobs require specific technical skills like finance, bookkeeping or property maintenance, while other activities require a different kind of skill - being empathetic, able to listen and showing compassion when hearing about the health issues of a loved one or providing senior/pastoral care.

Throughout the year we host and sponsor a wide variety of events ranging from our walking club, Church/Community dinners, movie nights, fundraising for non-profit groups, Sunday School and our massive spring garage sale!

All of this is accomplished with the help of volunteers - many of whom do not even belong to the Church.  Get involved, connect with others and feel the joy of helping. Become a volunteer - it's easy to do!


Faith in action is important.

Whether it is remembering our own members and friends in a time of need (pastoral care, visiting hospitals and care facilities, new member support, supporting seniors) or extending a hand of kindness to those around us (North Gower Food Bank, refugee family sponsorship), or working on-site in Honduras with the Friends of Honduran Children.

Help us to meaningfully put outreach into practice.

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